This book is the highly-anticipated follow-up to Berthine's first book, "Culture
Incorporated: An Innovative Approach to Cultural Competence, Diversity and
Inclusion in the Workplace," in her Diversity and Inclusion series. "Culture
Incorporated II: A Cultural Competence Guide for Public Health and Healthcare
Professionals" was created specifically for Public Health and Healthcare
Professionals to uniquely address both inter-organizational and
intra-organizational approaches to workplace diversity, inclusion and cultural
competence. Berthine not only takes the reader on a cultural competence
journey, but empowers said reader with the ability to navigate the oftentimes
treacherous waters of fostering a culturally competent workplace environment.
Further, she empowers the reader with effective strategies for providing culturally
competent care to their clients.

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Scheduled Release Date: December 31, 2018


Berthine Crèvecoeur West, Culture Competence Expert and CEO of Westbridge Solutions, believes in the power of knowledge to be transformational. Berthine is on a mission to help companies grow, engage and empower their workforce. This book was created for leaders who want to to improve employee engagement and maximize your company's success, manage workplace diversity related to underlying differences that affect intercultural relations in the workplace, and create an environment that fosters a greater understanding of the degrees of language and cultural fluency, nonverbal communication, and different cross-cultural communication styles.

If you’re looking to succeed with an innovative approach to cultural competency, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, then this book reveals how every organize can learn to successfully empower its workforce with cross-cultural competencies and manage intercultural relationships in the workplace.