​40-Hour Medical Interpreter Training - In Person Class 

Westbridge Solutions is proud to offer the Westbridge Solutions 40-Hour Medical Interpreter Training Course! 

Medical interpreting is a specialization within the field of interpretation.
This course is an introductory medical interpreter training course. The Westbridge Solutions 40-Hour Medical Interpreter Training course is a nationally-recognized program that provides actively working interpreters and those seeking to become interpreters, with the fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge required for success in the profession and in helping the community. This course is taught in English, with 2 hours of each training day reserved for language coaching practice in your target language. 

This course will focus upon:

  • Interpreting Logistics
  • Professional Code of Ethics (IMIA, NCIHC and CHIA)
  • Modes of Interpreting
  • Standards of Practice
  • Legislation Related to the Field of Interpreting (Title VI and HIPAA)
  • Advocacy
  • Cultural Competency (As reflected by the Office of Minority Health)
  • Interpreter Role Playing
  • Professional Development

Participants of the course will receive the following:
Medical Interpreter Training Textbook, Medical Terminology Textbook, 1 Language Coach per Class and Role Play Materials

In Person Class Costs: 
Fluency Testing - $125 (non-refundable and mandatory for course registration for in-person class)
Course Registration - $755

2018 40-Hour Medical Interpreter Training Class Schedule

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September 10-14, 2018 (Monday-Friday)
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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Check Out Our Latest Online Udemy Course for Those Interested in Working as a Professional Translator:

"The Business Side to Being a Successful Translator"

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This course is intended for anyone interested in a career as a professional freelance translator. Whether you are brand new to the field or have already been working in the field, this course offers you valuable insights into how to set up your translation business, get (and keep!) clients, how to handle your deliverables and set you on the course for becoming a successful translator!

By the end of this course, expect to learn the following:

1. Establish your business entity as a translator
2. Find a good editor in the translation field
3. Know the differences between translation, editing and proofreading
4. Know the pre-requisities needed to become a successful translator
5. Be familiar with best accounting practices for translators
6. Network effectively within the translation industry / translator organizations
7. Know the software and hardware needed to make you as efficient as possible
8. Become familiar with resources that will help your translation business grow
9. Become familiar with CAT Tools for translation​

Online trainings will be available starting Monday, August 27, 2018!

​Interpreter Training and Testing

Annual Interpreter Testing for Hospital Staff Interpreters

The Joint Commission (JCO) requires hospitals to use interpreters are qualified and competent to perform the service of interpretation. Qualifications and competencies can be met in a variety of ways and The Joint Commission references several options for meeting the requirements for both qualified and nationally-certified interpreters:

  • Language proficiency testing
  • Training in the practice of interpreting
  • Interpreting experience in a health care setting
  • Knowledge of medical terminology


Let Westbridge Solutions help you ensure that your hospital interpreters remain compliant with The Joint Commission standards!

Westbridge Solutions employs a rigorous in-house testing process to measure and evaluate the above skills of your organization's interpreters. Once that is completed, the Westbridge Solutions team scores the test and creates a written report to the language services department of the healthcare organization, detailing the participant’s strengths, areas in need of improvement, as well as our recommendations. The results are normally delivered within 2 weeks. Call us today for more information!

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