Berthine's energetic, passionate and humorous demeanor provides for an atmosphere that fosters the feeling of individual engagement through her fresh dialogue on topics of interest and current issues affecting diversity and inclusion, language access and cultural competency in a society that is rapidly moving towards globalization. 

“In November 2016, Berthine presented upon cultural and linguistic competence at a community meeting focused on healthcare and healthcare access for immigrants. Berthine’s warmth, knowledge, and audience engagement were top-notch, and the audience consistently highlighted her as a model presenter and trainer."

- David S., Director of Advocacy, Non-Profit Sector

"Berthine presented "Autism and Diversity: Providing Culturally Competent Care through Language Access" at the Interpreters and Translators Association of Alabama's 1st Annual Conference for Professional Interpreters and at Emory Healthcare's 4th Annual Healthcare Conference for Professional Interpreters. I attended the presentation on both occasions, and I can honestly say that with Berthine's combination of knowledge and passion for the subject matter along with her vibrant personality, she left me both impressed and well-informed - both times. From beginning to end her presence was engaging. She took a complex subject like ASD and made it very relatable/understandable. She also really conveyed the importance of diversity and open-mindedness - and not only just from an interpreter's perspective. Berthine had a very confident and open speaking style that was a pleasure to watch. I look forward to attending other training sessions given by Berthine and hope to one day collaborate with her." 

- Kenton Myers, CHI™, CMI-Spanish, M&N Language Services, LLC

Berthine Crèvecoeur West

CEO, Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker

"Berthine Crèvecoeur West, with Westbridge Solutions, served as the lead trainer at our inaugural Language Access Summit for Gwinnett County Service Providers. Her presentation provided essential information and tools to help professionals in healthcare, non-profit and government settings be better prepared and equipped to serve communities with various language needs.  Berthine’s presentation was one of the highlights of the summit. She demonstrates professionalism, knowledge, and is a true expert in this field."  

- Nicole Love Hendrickson, Community Program Outreach Program Director, Gwinnett County Government

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Berthine Crèvecoeur West was one our featured speakers at the Emory Healthcare Fourth Annual Conference for Professional Interpreters Sept 16, 2017. Her presentation on Interpreting for patients with autism was profound and impactful. It was scored as excellent by the over one hundred attendees.
Here are some of the comments people wrote:
“Berthine West is very knowledgeable in her field, close to her heart, excellent fluency and a fantastic public speaker’
“Positive, dynamic, neutral, no bias”
“Precise and useful presentation. Well done!!’
“Her presentation was well organized and engaging” 

- Marcelo Cedeno - Emory Medical Interpretation and Translation Services, Emory Healthcare