This one-day workshop offers a dynamic introduction to cultural competence in health and human services. The goal is to provide effective services across languages and cultures. The workshop includes film vignettes, planning activities, role plays and other interactive activities. It is based on national standards for cultural and linguistic competence from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, as well as federal laws and national best practices.

The solutions offered in this training are practical: basic skills and strategies to overcome language and cultural differences. Participants will learn about legal requirements for language access and cultural competence; how to work with an interpreter; evidence-based models for communicating across cultures; and how to develop a cultural competence plan. The program comes in two modules. Part I focuses on language and communication; Part 2 addresses how to connect across cultures.

This in-depth, hands-on workshop opens eyes, builds skills and helps participants to understand that the key to providing culturally competent services is effective communication. Workshop materials and lunch will be provided.