Our Services

Our Diversity & Inclusion training and development programs for both staff and leadership, focusing on the following Competency and Curriculum areas:

Our Strategy


In order to provide our clients with the training and development programs that will have the most effective and transformational impact, our team must first assess the needs and interest of the organization's workforce through a series of comprehensive tools, such as:

  • Surveys
  • One-on-one staff interviews 
  • Pre- and post-workshop participant assessments
  • Program evaluations
  • Focus groups
  • Advisory groups


In order to ensure that Westbridge Solutions is maintaining its mission, we measure the success of our programs through follow-up evaluations with our clients for an extended period of time to track the effectiveness of our training programs.


Through the use of our innovative and intentional framework, Westbridge Solutions serves as a facilitator and engages the trainee to become the principal partner in their professional growth. Our programs and services are also designed to go beyond the traditional workshop and incorporate suggested readings, online resources, practical application strategies, reflection prompts and networking ideas. Our comprehensive approach encourages the learner to utilize a variety of strategies to further their cultural competence and professional development. 

  • Intersectionality

  • Stereotypes

  • Tokenism

  • Diversity Structures

  • Mentorship

  • Sponsorship

  • Coaching

Our Mission

At Westbridge Solutions, our mission is to create, promote and foster individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative Diversity and Inclusion programs in support of the organization’s commitment to employee development, partnerships, and organizational enrichment.

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • Explicit Bias

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Microinequities

  • Microagressions

Our Goals

At Westbridge Solutions, we accomplish our mission by achieving the following goals:

  • Providing quality Diversity & Inclusion training designed to to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage
  • Creating behavioral standards and holding leaders accountable for results
  • Integrating diversity and inclusion strategies in recruitment, performance management, leadership assessment, and training
  • Creating an externally visible scorecard to measure progress including metrics for recruiting, promotion rates, compensation levels, turnover,  and supplier diversity
  • Training people at all levels on topics like unconscious bias
  • Creating a focus and strategy at the CEO/COO/CHRO level